A little about me and some about you

AG - for ToftP

For forty years I’ve been pursuing the art of keeping my mind and body intact. Some would say I’m doing ok, others might question my sanity. Now you have a chance to judge for yourself with my new book ‘A Dash Between Two Dates’. I wrote it for those that seek answers to questions in their own lives. How do you stay motivated? How do you escape the negativity of the world’s media? How do you stop scrolling on social media? But more importantly, how do you keep moving forward?

Over those four decades I think I’ve found some answers that will work for you. The main thing I’ve discovered is that there’s always an answer and when you’re overwhelmed or sad or angry that doesn’t always appear to be the case.

This is my fifth book and I do believe it to be my best. What were the others?

‘The Magic Number’. How to plan your life in ninety day chunks, along with some great stories to illustrate the point.

‘How to seduce your wife (or anyone else’s).’ A modern look at relationships. How to get into the them, how to stay in one or how to escape from one.

‘Punching Above My Height’. A personal history of Jeet Kune Do.

And ‘Top of the Pile.’ A guide to publishing your book.

It’s been a varied writing career since the first one in November 2013, but I hope I’ve brought a smile or two to a reader’s face over the years. Now it’s time to help as many people as I can.

To book Andy for your event please call on 01536 513715 or email at andygibney@nobrain-nogain.com

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