What my clients say

“Andy did a really lively 30 minute session for me in front of a demanding audience of almost 700 business owners from all parts of the country – and he was great.

He has good stage presence, self-deprecating humour and a relevant and useful message that he articulates in a unique way. I won’t hesitate to use him again in the future.”

Nigel Botterill

The Entrepreneurs Circle

July 2012


“Mind blowing stuff from Andy Gibney at PSA North East last night.”

Richard McCann

Professional Speakers Association

June 2012


“I first met Andy via Kempo Karate in around 1985 – from memory he was a purple belt and I was just starting out. We both did the Northampton triathlon that year and there was no little competitive rivalry, all in good part, between us.

nd 2009 I found myself hosting our Northampton Professionals Breakfast Club and the speaker was Andy – friends reunited. I had moved away from Kempo and back again, Andy had moved away and pursued Escrima. No breakfast meeting has been more popular; not least for the memory of Andy hitting me around the head with a stick at a rate of over 6 strikes a second. Thank god for the Kendo mask and the ice-hockey gloves.

Andy is someone who has travelled the world pursuing his martial arts interests and then promoting others to follow in his footsteps. His learning informs his teaching and the lessons are both memorable and worth heeding. If you want a speaker with impact … look no further.”
April 17, 2012
Peter Windatt
BRI – Northampton

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