Sleeping beauty

The face of sleeping beauty

Romance and the fairytale

Have you ever seen ‘The Notebook’? The film of the Nicholas Sparks book. If you like romantic films (and I do when they’re done well) it is one of the most beautiful films ever made, in my opinion. I’d put it up there with the greats like ‘Brief Encounter’ and ‘Dr Zhivago’. It’s that good. Do you know why I think it’s that good? Because it offers hope. It offers the pure and simple dream that the fairytale is possible, throughout all the crap we have in our lives, throughout all the pain we endure, that love, the everlasting kind, exists and is possible. Of course the cynics will say it’s Hollywood schmaltz, but to me, and the many thousands of people around the world, it’s possible and it’s beautiful. Here’s the other thing as well: it was inspired by real events. Nicholas Sparks’ wife’s grandparents who were married for 60 years were the basis of the idea of the story, which backs up the theory. True love is possible. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

Finding sleeping beauty

If romance exists and love can be all consuming how does it effect you most? When I wrote ‘touch of a kiss’ last year it struck a chord and I have been touched by the response. I do still believe that kissing is the most intimate act, but the moment of true love for me is when you watch someone you love sleeping. Someone who makes your heart ache and simultaneously burst with joy when you look at them. That moment when you go to bed and they are already asleep and you catch a dream dancing across their closed eyes. Or when you awake on a sunny morning and the light falls across their face like strands of silk and you realise that you have just slept with a real sleeping beauty. These moments never fail to fill me with happiness and a feeling of hope for a future still unwritten. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it exists none the less.

Yes! There is someone for everyone

I’m convinced that there is someone for everyone. I once had two clients who met each other through a vertigo sufferers group! There really are all sorts for all sorts. When you’re lonely you doubt this to be true. That the utopia that I described above will never happen for you. I’ve spent many years in relationships and also quite a lot of time single. Overall I prefer being in a relationship; that feeling of closeness, of sharing, the waking with sleeping beauty. I have also learnt things about myself through being single, things that make my relationships stronger. I can cook and clean for a start. I’ve been domesticated. Mostly I’ve learnt to appreciate relationships and love. Time on your own gives you an awful lot of time to think and my thoughts often question how I feel about love and what it gives me. Here is what I feel: I feel that love is the mortar of life, if the events are the bricks then love is that cement that holds them together. When you’re in love everything feels stronger, more real, more substantial. The gap that was there is filled and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. All it takes is one morning to catch a glimpse of the peace of the face of your sleeping beauty for you to be reminded of how fortunate you are; that the bleak days are over and your life can take on new meaning. In ‘The Notebook’ this is what Noah feels for Allie and what makes it such a gorgeous treat to watch and to read. If you have a sleeping beauty (male or female) then try and watch them late at night or early in the morning. Let their face carve into your heart.