A reflective look at the future

Wasn’t it amazing? The last glorious days of summer, and they really were glorious. We have now lived through the hottest 30th September and early October days ever. We are part of history. Of course, we always are, but some days bring it home more than most. How did you spend that last hot weekend before autumn envelopes us in it’s russet browns and golden yellows? Before the march of Christmas builds it’s momentum and the spending spree begins. I walked in the fields, I enjoyed a communal curry night, I went to see my son at his new home in Nottingham and I continued to pore time into my business. Is now a time to reflect or a time to look forward? Some people do both, others only one. Someone said recently, that for them September was the New Year, it had warmth to fuel the ambitions of new ideas, whereas in January it’s often too cold to really get excited. If this makes sense then October is the warm February, when the momentum has built and results are beginning to be seen.