To infinity and beyond!

12 months from now?

Two weeks ago a client of mine was talking about getting her dream job abroad. Today she is in Germany being interviewed for it. As much as pain can come in a second so can love and opportunity. I had a thought today that my life will be unrecognisable in 12 months time, in terms of all I will have achieved. Who will I know? Who will I love? What will I have done? In 12 months I want to revisit this blog and look back at all I have achieved.

A positive start, but I want more

2012 has started very positively. I’m seeing my martial arts school grow each week and the enthusiasm of my students is infectious. I’m now doing a monthly newsletter which has been very well received. I’m 10,000 words into my first novel. I’m staying in great shape. I’ve got my accounts sorted, my book keeper in place and a part time administrator helping me – I learned by listening to others. I’m seeing more clients and seeing the changes in them as well. My personal life is improving; I’m feeling more in control and much more positive compared to 12 months ago when I was going through such a tough time. You know what though? None of it is enough. I want more. I want more certainty; I want more growth in my business; I want to see my book on the shelves of Waterstones and selling on Amazon. I want to be fitter, stronger and in better shape. I want the martial arts club to be bursting at the seams and the students enjoying themselves more than ever. I want to be wealthier. I want my friends to be happier and feeling like they have control of their lives. I want the BBC to shut up about bloody bad news and I want ‘Mad Men’ back on tv. I want the wind to drop and the sun to come out. I want my birthday to go well and to set up me up for the big one next year – I’ll be 50 then. Half way through my life.

It has to come from within.

Do you know something else? I can’t control what happens at all, but I can set myself up to be a success, in all I do. Not in some NLP/positive mental attitude way (although I am an advocate of NLP), but by through action. Taken daily. To go to bed at night feeling like I’ve moved some way towards all of my goals. That I’m healthier. That I have worked smartly and worked well. That I have focussed and have people around me who want me to succeed. I’d love it even more if I could help them succeed as well. The greatest joy is the joy of giving joy, I was once told. I have too many friends who find daily life a struggle. I want to teach them all I know and find that within them that makes them want to succeed.

Keep asking good questions.

Every day I must ask the questions. Who will I meet? What will I learn? Where will I go? Where am I headed? Am I doing all I can to achieve everything I want? Some days I know the answers will be ‘no-one’, ‘nothing’, ‘don’t know’, and ‘no’. I’m human. I’m fallible. I’m prone to being lazy. But. And it’s a huge but. I’m determined. I’m passionate. I’m going to get there and I want people to rejoice in my success, to wipe away my tears, to pat me on the back and to kick me up the arse. I can’t do this on my own and nor can you. Find those mentors, those lovers, those friends who will help you find your answers and one year from now let’s look back and say ‘that was a helluva year – let’s do it again.’