Simply amazing

Sometimes we have days that truly, utterly and completely make us wonder why we bother. We also have some days that make our hearts soar, our minds zing and make us so pleased to be alive. Today I had one of the latter. I’d like to thank everyone who made my day so special today.

The thing about a special day is that you never know it’s going to be special when you wake up, although sometimes you do know when your day is not going to go well. Curious that, don’t you think? Today was a day about momentum. It started slowly at home, I had an issue with a landline to sort out as well as the usual emails and stuff. I did start off by doing 200 crunches, 30 reverse crunches and 50 twisting ankle touches – it felt good to do those before breakfast.

I left the house just before midday for a business lunch. That really started the ball rolling. Had a great chat with a fellow NLPer and we came up with some great ideas that will come off in the future. As I left there I got a great text, funny how a message from someone can make you feel really happy. Next stop was the gym. The gym I go to is a hardcore weight-training gym – no lycra or swimming pools; it’s a place that people go to work hard, but equally it is full of characters, stories and laughs. I love it there. The owner has been one of my friends for nearly 25 years and being the strange man he is attracts equally diverse people. Today I did chest: 3 exercises (5 sets on bench, 4 sets on the other two) starting with bench press and upped my weight on every exercise. I came out with endorphins high and looking forward to teaching tonight.

And tonight was what raised the bar of the day. First class was the kids class. Every week these 5 to 11 year olds come to practice martial arts and enjoy themselves. Some days it can be really hard work teaching them, but tonight they were great. This was followed by the JKD class. For the past three weeks we have been following the ‘Coach Carter’ regime of ‘suicides’ (shuttle runs), crunches and push ups. In week four – where we are now – the students (all male tonight) have raised the bar. To watch them is to be inspired. Combining this with kicking drills, wrestling sparring, crazy pad drills that I have come up with and exercises made me feel really proud of them tonight.

Finally the womens kickboxing class. Begun a year ago this class has totally surprised me. Great enthusiam, work rate and a lovely group of people. Tonight was one of the hardest classes the girls have ever been through and they worked their butts off. Tomorrow they will ache – no doubt about it, but they have every right to be pleased with themselves; from the new girls who have only been training a couple of weeks to the experienced women from last year. All gave their all.

Teaching is inspiring. You have to put a put of energy in, but the rewards are immense. Today everyone who trained put a massive cherry on the top. To those of you who contributed in my amazing day (from meeting to texting to chatting on the phone) thank you. I can sleep the sleep of the humble servant tonight in the knowledge that tomorrow is going to be another good day and I can only hope that is aspires to what happened today.


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