Deep questions

2011 is now just over a week old and I’ve had the best possible start to the year. I don’t know if it’s because I expected it to go that way, if the planets have lined up or if the universe decided I needed a break. Whatever has caused it I’m grateful. Has it all gone well? No, a little rain has passed my way, but consider these points.

My martial arts classes have got off to their best start in 3 years; ‘Mastering Influence’ – a course I’m teaching with Gateway HR & Training, is written and will have been taught by the time most of you will have read this; more people than ever are signing up for the courses that we are teaching and my leg is now better. I’m back training properly again: 3 days in the gym and 4 runs per week.

I’ve also been networking a couple of times, was interviewed on the radio with Jamie Rae and I’m booked with him to go on the Business Hub radio show next week. The first 50 dvd’s of ‘Straight Talking Guy’ are almost sold out and I’ve ordered another batch. Things really do seem to be falling into place.

I’m sure you are all thrilled about this for me, but why should you read on? Good question. Here’s my thoughts. First of all, is it possible to ask for something from the universe, or some other source, and it will happen? ‘The Secret’ makes a big play on this. Ask and you shall receive. I’ve been asking to be a millionaire for the past 20 years at least, and it hasn’t happened yet. The believers will say I haven’t asked in the right way or that I haven’t tried hard enough. I’m still single, never been married. Some would say that’s a blessing, others would wonder why not at almost 48 years old. Again it’s not that I haven’t tried or been successful in having relationships. Is it possible that I will always have a life of singledom with an ok lifestyle? George Clooney doesn’t seem to be doing too bad and he’s older than me.

Well here’s my belief. Remember that Michael Buble fella I was talking about last week? He said last year ‘I just haven’t met you yet’; maybe that’s what’s happening. Maybe the millions will come when I hit the right formula. I’ve got the health side sussed. Nearly 48, no injuries, in great health and enjoying my life if not satisfied with it. Perhaps that’s the thing that drives me.

My sister and I were talking about this recently. Our father was a man who wasted his life and we are both determined not to. No matter what the universe answers with I’m grateful today for my health, my friends, my family and for this great start to the year. I honestly do wake up wondering just how good each day can be. Tony Robbins taught me to ask three questions on a consistent basis:

‘Who will I meet today?’

‘What will I learn today?’ and

‘How will I have fun today?’

They really do work. The reticular activating system part of your brain has to answer these questions and as a result I meet lots of great new people learn more and have a, mostly, enjoyable life. I guess I should now add two more questions:

‘Who will I marry – stay with – for the rest of my life?’ and ‘How will I become a millionaire?’ I’ll keep you up to date with the progress.




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