It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

I seem to have spent the last 6 months listening to Michael Buble and the song I’ve listen to the most lately is ‘Feelin’ Good’. The fact is that I haven’t been feeling good all the time the last few weeks (due to a change of the domestic situation), but I do love the hope this song brings.

I’m also aware of the debate between the three principal versions: the Buble version, the Muse version and the timeless Nina Simone version. I love them all, but Michael’s is my favourite at the moment. It also reminds me that life is indeed a new day, and a new life for me. Whenever I listen to the Chris Evans radio show my favourite bit is the guy who says ‘Welcome to another day on planet Earth’. It reminds me, as if i need it, that I’m alive and that’s the first thing I should be grateful for.

I had a wonderful 2010 – so many great things happened to me. I’ve been spending part of the Christmas break reminding myself of all the cool things that happened: the filming and release of ‘Straight Talking Guy’; the premiere at the NEC, the show at the Castle; getting my Master Instructor grade from Richard Bustillo, that tour itself; the work I’ve done in corporate training, and being inspired by, and meeting, Sir Ken Robinson. I’ve also remembered the not so good times – the collapse of my relationship at the end of the year, my good friend Debbie having a stroke at the age of 45 (she is recovering I’m pleased to say), the passing of one of my teachers – Ted Wong. The thing is , this is life. We have good times and bad. It sometimes appears that the world conspires against us, that nothing ever goes right, but it’s all about perspective. I learnt this from Holocaust and Rawandan genocide survivors. My life will never be as bad as theirs was, perhaps equally I’ll never know the highs they experience just from the act of drawing breath and surviving another day.

I count my blessings and genuinely look forward to a wonderful year. I finished my goals today and have 65 things that I want to achieve by this time next year. Having reviewed my 2010 goals I saw I achieved 70% of the things I set out to do (I had 56 things then), but I also did many things that I didn’t envision at the start of the year – becoming a lecturer at the University of Northampton, for example.

When you look for it life gives great opportunities; I’m looking forward to meeting more great people through the year – you never know there might be my next new best friend who I have yet to meet. Rain will fall and the sun will shine. Staying positive isn’t always easy, infact sometimes it’s really bloody hard, but the alternative will always drive me on. I love being alive and I love waking up to a new challenge and the possibility that tomorrow may yet be the greatest day of my life. Where’s that Michael Buble again?

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