What’s Going On?

Hello and let me first of all apologise for being away so long. It’s been hectic and I realise I have neglected keeping you up to date. This blog will do so and then I’ll be back to my once a week habit again (stop sniggering at the back).

Some of you may be aware that I have had a film crew following me around for some time now and due to the genius and work ethic of the Red-Scar team that film has now been premiered. Well actually it has had two premieres. The first at the NEC, the second a 4Networking premiere. The film is a combination of the wisdom of Chairman Gibney, a biographical piece and provides an insight into the worlds of martial arts, NLP and hypnosis. We have also been incredibly fortunate to use part of a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity. This blend of ideas lasts 18 minutes although it is currently being recut to add another 7 minutes of footage.

The NEC premiere was a fantastic event coming, as it did, during the ‘Martial Arts Show’; an annual coming together of thousands of martial artists across the country. Having the first showing of ‘Straight Talking Guy’ on a cinema screen with great sound was a brilliant experience. Jamie and I also gave a Q & A about the film and the making of it.

The 4Networking premiere was hosted at the Menzies Golf Club and Country Hotel near Cambridge. This was a smaller affair, but was great fun because we had filmed one of my talks at this group back in March so it brought the event full circle.

This process has been one of self development. Obviously the story is about me as it is a documentary ‘about me’. However, watching yourself on a big screen, knowing that you will be judged, as would be normal by allowing the process to begin takes a certain level of detachment. Whilst being really pleased with what Jamie and the Red-Scar crew have put together it is still a humbling experience, whilst at the same time great fun to be part of. In America I daresay there would be none of the British reserve, but even someone as ‘out there’ as me has to sometimes ask the question ‘am I being a prat?’ You, the viewing public, will answer that.

If you haven’t seen ‘Straight Talking Guy’ yet, or have and would like to see the extended version then you have your chance on Monday 19th July at 8pm at the Castle Theatre, Wellingborough when we will be showing the film along with my show ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ and a short Q & A session with myself and the director Jamie Rae. Tickets go on sale on Monday 14th June priced £7 each. I would love to see you there.

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