Reflections – mirrors

Today the clock’s went forward. Hallelujah, longer nights and brighter days. Today is a beautiful sunny Sunday; wouldn’t you know it snow is being forecast for midweek in certain parts of the British Isles? I was talking to a friend the other day and commented that I have never enjoyed the coming of Spring more. This winter was the coldest, longest, hardest I ever remember, but doesn’t that make you appreciate Spring and look forward even more to Summer?

Last year began well and remained that way until the end of the summer. For me, businesswise, things started to become tougher with October being the worst month for quite some time. Personally there were some challenges too. About the time they resolved so business began to improve as well; the problem with business is that it takes time to sort those challenges out. Heading into 2010 I was full of optimisim and hope, but by the end of January I knew I was fighting the difficulties on all fronts and coming through them. There was another hiccup in February on the personal front and in March Jo was ill and in hospital for 3 days. It makes it sound like a tough three months. Let’s look at the positive things then.

Speaking gigs continue to roll in and I’ve got some really interesting ones lined up. Look out for me at the Martial Arts Show on Sunday 23rd May at the NEC for example. RedScar Productions began filming the documentary ‘More than a Motivational Speaker’; most of the principle photography has now been finished and we are looking to premiere it at the Martial Arts Show. In February I performed my first show to the public with my set ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ at the ‘Hit Me’ gig on Battersea Barge. As a result of this show a host of ideas have been formed – more to follow with this. The martial arts classes continue to do well with a womens’ kickboxing class also happening now. My training programme is getting me in my best shape ever, even though this week I’ve had my first cold since last October. This week I taught my first ‘Practical NLP’ seminar too with 4 more to follow. I also had a wonderful birthday up in Liverpool, with Jo, at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel.

When you look back over three months (this year’s first quarter) you can choose to see good, or bad or indifferent. The fact is that life happens regardless of what plans you may have (to paraphrase John Lennon) and it’s up to you how you react to what does happen. Some people see life as a relentless struggle; others as the happiness of drawing breath each day. I recognise the difficult and accept the challenge; I look forward to the exciting times and am grateful for all that I receive. I do hope it doesn’t snow here again, I really didn’t like it, but know that it will be a blip. In life, for me and the weather, the sun is out; I have an umbrella to deal with the rain and metaphorical wellies to deal with the puddles. Full steam ahead Mr Sulu and don’t spare the horses.

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