Reviewing the year – birthday next week

Next week I’ll be 47. For young people i.e. anyone under 46, you will be wondering what it feels like to be old. I couldn’t tell you. I don’t feel any different now than I did at 35, 22 or 15 and yet that isn’t true. In my head all is the same, but in another part of my head I know everything is different.



It is said that life begins at 40. That isn’t true, life begins when you’re born. What happens at 40 is that you start to have an understanding of how you fit into the world. You worry less about what people think about you and spend more time making your life work for you. That became even more apparent to me five years ago when I moved out of the house (and to a great extent the life I had been sharing) that I lived in with my then girlfriend and her two boys. The lady and I continued a relationship of sorts for the next two years before parting and going our own ways. The next two years I really found who I am. Which brings me to being 46.

The last year has been very much up and down. I’m in a relatively new relationship that hasn’t been without it’s challenges. My business has swung this way and that finding it’s true barometer. I put on some weight and yet found time to be the fittest I’ve been in years. So, it can be fairly said that 46 was a topsy-turvy year. What can also be said is that I have set 47 up to be amazing.

In May I joined 4Networking, a networking organisation in the UK that has grown exponentially in the last 4 years. This gave me the avenue to expand my speaking tours and as I’ve said elsewhere I did 56 ‘4Sights’ in 6 months. The previous record was 49 in a year. Like so many things I tackle when I go for it I go for it. I also fitted in another 19 talks at other groups and venues. This gave me a massive growth curve, I learned to adapt to different audiences and venues – having a group of business people dancing in a pub restaurant at 9am is an interesting sight to see. The other punters certainly thought so too. Just as importantly though, I found people I want to work with. Taking on staff is a major event in a business’ development and after hearing some horror stories at yesterday’s FSB presentation, not always a good idea. I’ve built a virtual team ranging in skills from video production, websites and IT support to marketing, my accountant and virtual PA; through prior knowledge, networking or recommendation I have a team of people who are making my next year possibly my best yet. With the love of my family and friends too I know I can’t fail.

There are so many new projects on the table and I have people to help me achieve them. In the past I’ve felt alone and that I was battling against the odds, now I feel unstoppable and grateful. Wednesday is my birthday and I’ll be spending it with Jo (my girlfriend) in Liverpool at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, doing the Beatles thing for a couple of days. Experiences are what I crave now, presents are nice, but it’s experiences that stay with you. I want this 47th year to start well and keep getting better. Thank you for reading and sharing this. This site will be reflecting all the changes I’ve alluded to which will, hopefully, make it as interesting for you as it is exciting for me.

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