Variety is the spice of life

It’s been a varied week that’s for sure. One night I was performing ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ on a barge in London, the next night the focus of attention for 20 perspiring women. Since then I’m back out on the road with the Andy Gibney roadshow.

On Wednesday 3rd February I performed at the ‘Hit Me’ gig on Battersea Barge in South London. It was an eclectic mix of performers ranging from musicians to comedians to me. I have to admit I was a little unsure how I was going to fit in and it’s a different experience performing as an ‘act’ than as a business speaker. Thanks to a generous crowd, some helpful volunteers and subsequent feedback it would appear I got away with it. I have to say it was a liberating and rather wonderful feeling. Plans are now afoot to see how this idea can be expanded upon. Soon the Hammersmith Apollo? Who knows?

The following night I was back on familiar territory when I launched my women’s kickboxing beginners class. Although this is what I know best it was actually a tougher crowd to perform to. Why? Because you want them to come back. Judging a workout that is difficult, but not so difficult that they don’t want to come back is a challenge in itself. Again the feedback has been good, although tomorrow (11th February) is the real test to see who does come back.

This morning I was back on the 4Networking trail taking the 2 hour drive down to Reading. The discipline of doing these gigs is not the talk itself, although the experience of a noisy heating system and a waiter determined to throw every knife in Reading into the appropriate reciptacle is enough, it is the task of waking at 5.15am and driving through the dark and traffic and arriving in a mood conducive to give some sort of insight or inspiration.

Since enrolling in the 4Sight tour in June 2009 I’ve travelled an average of 400 miles per week and learnt more about my craft ie as in becoming adaptable, fitting in with different groups, raising energy in low energy groups and learning to control an audience. So much about learning comes from practice and not the theory. As Bruce Lee liked to say ‘Knowledge is not enough, you must apply’.

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