Green shoots

There you go. First month of 2010 gone already. In my first blog I wrote about ‘Motivation vs Procrastination’ and that was the talk I was doing at different networking events. I wonder how you’ve been getting on with your goals and ambitions?

My new year fitness campaign began in the Christmas week and I haven’t missed a session yet; that’s running 3 days a week and weights 3 days a week. The original intention was to walk once a month too, but I’ve got two in so far. The thing about motivation is that we become inspired by results and deflated by setbacks. Having weighed myself I was a bit surprised what I weighed, but equally I am lifting heavier weights than I ever have done, I can see the results each week in the mirror and I’ve lost an inch off my waist in the last two weeks.

This is the point. Too often we have only one way to measure results. I have long argued for more methods of testing ourselves. If you are in business the final test of success is the bottom line ie are you making money? However, sometimes you can be making money and be miserable in what you do. To me that isn’t a great way to spend your life which brings us to the dreaded work-life balance.

When I do my goals I break them into five sections: personal, business, fun & travel, money and home. I want to focus on different areas of my life all at the same time. For me that means greater levels of energy, enjoyment and stimulation. All too often work intrudes too much on our lives and we miss out on seeing the kids grow, lose touch with those we love and destroy our health. I decided long ago that wasn’t a path I wanted to take so found a job I could love. In the 17 years since I set up my business things have changed substantially. Am I where I thought I’d be when I set out all those years ago? No, but I’m in a place I couldn’t have imagined either.

With the green shoots of improved fitness so the business is looking stronger too. I’m happy to be one of those that has survived the worst recession for 70 years and the worst winter for 30 years. Now it’s all about doing what I do best, surrounding myself with the best people I can and finding connection with all the people I want. I hope you are finding reading these blogs rewarding and I’d love to hear from you; you can contact me through the ‘contact me’ page. Funny that. Look out for frequent updates here and you can also follow me on Twitter. Bye for now.

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